Frequently Asked Questions

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All enlistments have a minimum three year commitment. During that time, you are committing to a monthly drill which can last one full day to an entire weekend (Friday - Sunday).

That time is used for training, mission coordination with your local company and interaction with trainers from a variety of organizations. With enlistment into the Michigan Defense Force, you are expected to be at the drill sessions and are accountable to your assigned supervisor and commander.

In addition to monthly weekend drills, we train with the Michigan national guard for a week in the spring, and then annual training is about a week at the end of summer or early fall.

To enlist, applicants much be between the ages of 18 and 55. Mandatory retirement is at age 65.

Yes. Good health and fitness is a crucial part to a member’s success in the state military. A medical assessment will be conducted during the accessions process, to include height and weight standards.

Yes. Your job is protected under the MILITARY LEAVES; REEMPLOYMENT PROTECTION Act 133 of 1955. We provide all members will official communication you can provide to your employer.

Former members of the military are likely to have a smooth transition into the Michigan Defense Force. Any MOS qualifications, ribbons, medals, badges, or awards earned in federal or state national guard service transfer directly; this includes combat patches. Depending on the rank earned and length of time since separation, previously-held service rank will transfer if there is an appropriate MOS slot open.

Yes. Everyone is required to attend basic military training. Our program is in development and is projected to begin during the first quarter of 2022. Everyone in the force will go through the program. Right now it is likely to be two solid weeks with some weekends to follow.

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