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“I commanded the 156th Signal Battalion (MIARNG) and later commanded the 6th Battalion of the Michigan Defense Force. They bring many skills from their civilian occupations that are a force multiplier to the MING. The MIDF is a highly professional force that is an invaluable asset to the State of Michigan.”
James Parker, COL (ret), MIARNG


“The Defense Force has allowed me to fulfill the lifelong call to military service. For those prior service that want to continue to serve, or for those that missed their opportunity to serve in the Federal Forces, the Defense Force is a great way to serve the state and country.”
Kurtis M. Moilanen, MAJ, MIDF

“I believe that a state defense force has remarkable potential in the modern era. Our service members are truly the ‘citizen soldiers’ imagined by our nation’s founder – trained and prepared to serve our communities in their time of need.”
Charles D. Shelton, MAJ, MIDF

I am proud to salute the flag in uniform serving with my fellow soldiers in the Michigan Defense Force. I love our country and state and it is a change for me to give back. I did not have previous military experience and I look up to those that do . I am now fortunate to serve alongside them.”
Tommy Brann, 1LT, MIDF
Representative, Michigan State House of Representatives

“I was Executive Officer of th e156th Signal Battalion, Michigan Army National Guard, and decided I wanted to continue serving in the military after retirement. I found the MIDF the best way to do just that. The MIDF is an invaluable asset to the State of Michigan, the Michigan Army National Guard and Michigan Air National Guard, and I cannot imagine a better way to continue my service to the state and my community.”
Charles Colgren, LTC, MIDF (MAJ (Ret), MIARNG)


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